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The mission of The Branch School is to nurture students’ God-given potential for observation, invention, study, and original thought in a collaborative and individualized learning environment where peacemaking and character building are diligently practiced.

Thank you for making the Admission process such a nice one. We have felt as if you all got to know us and we were not just another family coming through the door.

The Branch School offers a “thinking” curriculum that does not “teach to the test.”

Did you know that we use Moodle, an interactive learning environment for parents, students, and teachers?

Did you know that your donations to the school are tax deductible?

At The Branch School, we cherish each student as an individual with unique talents; we stimulate critical thinking and the development of problem-solving skills.
RenWeb Parent Training

All parents are invited to attend this informal training session to learn all that RenWeb can do for you throughout the year!  Please click the above link for more information.

PA Boohoo Wahoo Breakfast / General Meeting

The Parents Association Boohoo Wahoo Breakfast and General Meeting is at 8:00.  Please click the above link for more information.

First Day of School

The first day of school is a half day for each wing.  Please click the above link to find out the specific time for your child's class.

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