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The mission of The Branch School is to inspire students to love, learn, and lead.

Emily Smith, Head of the Branch School
Emily Smith
Head of School

As you can see from our Mission Statement above, the students are the center of everything we do at The Branch School, an accredited independent school in west Houston. Their love of learning and keen interests form the basis of all instruction. Our program is focused not only on the excitement of academic discovery but also on the development of the whole child, cherishing each student as an individual with unique talents. The net effect is students learn how to learn, a life-long skill to navigate in an ever changing global environment.

Strong Academic Program

We provide our students with a strong academic program, partnered with a curriculum that encourages critical thinking and the development of problem-solving skills. This thinking curriculum, based on the 21st century skills of science, technology, engineering and math, allows students to solve problems and express their ideas creatively in projects and presentations. From preschool to middle school, a low student-teacher ratio and our balanced approach ensure that lessons take root and that our students learn on a much deeper level. Kids feel safe to take risks while learning in a safe, nurturing classroom. Our challenging academics provide the opportunities to develop the qualities of tenacity and perseverance, two key elements of present and future success.

Benefits for Students

We hope that as you explore our website you will discover how your child would benefit by an education from The Branch School. There are many reasons to choose us, and the testimonials of our parents, faculty and alumni are firm endorsements of the success we have demonstrated throughout our history.

If you have any questions, we would love to have you contact us at any time.

– Emily Smith,
Head of School