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See the Successes of Branch School Alumni

The creative projects taught me to think 'outside the box' which I applied during four years of high school projects, and especially in writing my essays for college applications.

- Alumna

Katie O. 

"I love this school because all of the teachers are so kind and really connect with the students. It is a loving environment to learn in and everybody is kind and friendly."  (a comment from a grad who shared this with us upon a return visit to our campus) 

Natalie J.

"The Branch School offers something that other schools do not. They give you a nurturing environment, an environment where it's okay to be yourself and be different, without being judged. Thank you to the Branch School for its support and campassion and changing my life for the better. I hope to one day roam the South American jungles, studying rare birds and their behavoirs. That would be the ultimate job for me. Cornell University in New York is the place to go to be an Ornithologist, and that is where I aim to go in the future." (taken from her 8th grade Branch School graduation speech)

Stephanie H.

“After graduating high school in May of 2007, I went to Texas A&M University where I received a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, in three years. I am now working on a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University. I just received a teaching position at Somerville High School to teach 9th grade World Geography and 10th grade World History. I am also the assistant coach for volleyball, basketball, and softball. I helped with a fundraising group that raised money for those affected by Hurricane Ike. I was the Chair of the Student Conference on National Affairs (2009-2010) were I received the Cyrus Johnson Memorial Scholarship for my leadership and work ethic throughout my three years in the organization.”

Jennifer K. D.

My Branch School experience: The song (The Branch School song) is true - we will all remember our days at The Branch School.  My education was enhanced by all the learning I did at The Branch School, and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to go to school there.  Not only was I prepared to be an inquisitive learner when I went to my new school, but I also have cherished the friendships I made at The Branch School.  Throughout the years of high school, college, and beyond, we have all stayed in touch and enjoy reflecting about our experiences together, all of which began at The Branch School.”

My alumni status: I graduated from The Kinkaid School and went to college at Texas Christian University.  I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor's degree in Middle School Math Education.  I worked at a middle school in Austin for four years, teaching seventh and eighth grade math and coaching three volleyball teams, and then tested for my high school teaching certificate.  I married an Air Force pilot and am now working at the high school in Del Rio, Texas, teaching algebra, geometry, and (hopefully) pre-calculus.  I am currently pursuing my master's degree in Education, and I look forward to continuing to teach in the high school.”

Heather G.

After attending The Branch School, Heather attended middle school at The Village School in west Houston.  At Stratford High School, Heather was active in several groups, including National Honor Society.  She was co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and was graduated valedictorian of the class of 2005.  Heather then attended Trinity University in San Antonio, where she majored in political science, with minors in economics and French.  While in college, she was a member of several honor societies and was involved with volunteering and the Student Conduct Board.  In 2009, she graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa.  Heather is currently attending the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, working toward a masters degree in Public Administration.  When she graduates in 2011, she hopes to work with either the state government or nonprofits, focusing on education policy.

Jennifer D. R.

“I went to Elon University where I graduated in 2005 with my BS in mathematics along with teacher licensure. While at Elon, I was awarded the Mathematics Student of the Year by the North Carolina Council Teacher of Mathematics. I went on to teach middle and high school math in South Carolina, New Jersey, and Texas. I am now working on my master's degree in mathematics at Wichita State University. While at WSU, I am also teaching undergraduate math classes. I am scheduled to graduate in December 2010 and then hope to teach math at the college level.”

Josie W.

reflecting on her experiences at The Branch School while driving to High Point University in N.C.

Age 18 years, college freshman

“The Branch School was a really happy place for me to be.  It gave me a strong foundation in friendship, communication and leadership.  A couple of my teachers at The Branch School put a strong emphasis on respecting each other's differences and working through challenges with classmates.  We also did a lot of creative writing projects and that's what gave me the background for writing papers in high school.  The creative projects also taught me how to think "outside the box" which I applied during four years of high school projects, and especially in writing my essays for college applications.”

Note:  Josie attended pre-school at TBS and then went to a local elementary for kindergarten-third grade. She returned for fourth and fifth grades.

Heather B. M., E.I.T.

  • Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Purdue University, May 2005
  • Project Manager/Engineer II, October 2007 - Present
  • First Environment, Inc., Boonton, New Jersey

Allison R.W.

“I graduated from Texas A&M cum laude with a BBA in accounting with a Spanish minor, and an MS in marketing. At A&M, I was involved in the Junior Achievement program, which inspired me to apply for Teach For America. I was accepted into the Teach For America program in New York City and decided to pursue teaching instead of accounting (I had an audit job lined up with Ernst &Young). I am in charge of the ESL (English as a Second Language) program at PS 156 in Brooklyn. I work with kindergartners up to the fifth graders who are learning English. My students come from the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Haiti, and West Africa. I love my job and think I may want to further pursue a career in education.” 

Marshall F.

  • Graduated 2007 from TBS

At his new school

  • National Junior High Honor Society
  • Junior High citizenship award for his school
  • Duke University TIP (qualified to take AT due to testing score)
  • Gifted and Talented Program /Classes
  • Ranked 3rd in Y12 Epee in southwest region United States Fencing Association
  • Junior High Football player
  • GPA award

Kimberly V.

Attended United States Naval Academy

  • BA physics, University of Houston
  • TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company
  • Processing Geophysicist

Tamara A.  

  •  BA in Accounting and MA in Finance from Texas A & M University

Michael S.

  • Member of The Branch School Odyssey of the Mind team when they took 3rd at World Finals 2004  
  • 1st place in regional and district in calculator application at Holy Spirit  '08
  • Outstanding math student award at graduation
  • High School computer award PSI (Private School Interscholastic Association awards in math and spelling - award for dictionary and spelling skills - typed 80 words per minute)
  • Perfect attendance 3 years in a row at Middle School

Maya S.  

  • M.A. French Studies from NYU.
  • Awarded a full doctoral fellowship to University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D in Romance languages and linguistics.
  • Traveled in Europe working on French translations for an African arts website, and tutored Spanish. Traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, and South America, volunteering in Mexico and Brazil with Amigos de las Americas, Speaks six languages fluently.  

Wesley W.   

  • Texas Scholar with Duke University TIP (Talent Identification Program) Scored in the top 20% of Texas 7th graders who took the exam
  • Honored at Lamar University ceremony
  • Middle School soccer and basketball teams at St. Stephens Episcopal School
  • Guitar player
  • Marine Biology Sea Camp at Texas A & M University
  • Tennis Camps at Rice University
  • Graduated from Woods High School 2010

Mom states in a letter -"The Branch School was certainly an integral part of Wesley's strong academic foundation. We are grateful."

Tracy F. C.

Tracy attended the University of Richmond where she played Division One lacrosse and studied Spanish and Leadership.  She graduated from Texas A&M with a BS in Business and Spanish, She achieved her masters in Early Childhood Education with a focus on young children with disabilities while teaching as a fourth grade bilingual teacher. She is recently employed as an educational technology consultant with Procomputing, a premier partner to Promethean (interactive white boards, learner response systems, and classroom technology solutions). She has given significant community service in Chile, Mexico, and the United States   

Travis F.

Received the John Cooper Headmasters Award at The Kinkaid School the first year  after graduating from The Branch School

  • BBA in Business and BA in Spanish from Principia College

Worked as a mortgage banker for River Oaks Financial Services, Inc. arranging financing for commercial real estate projects including hotels, industrial properties, single family subdivisions, and retail centers. 2004 moved to the acquisitions and development aspect of commercial real estate for GSL Industrial, an industrial development and acquisitions company. Acquired his real estate license and spends his leisure time playing on softball leagues, fishing, and keeping up with his Kinkaid School and Principia College friends.   Presently he is Vice President at Kinghorn, Driver, Hough & Co., Commercial Real Estate Capital Solutions.

Jason H.   

Jason is proving that music instruction at The Branch School has great value to it's students.  He is presently living with his wife Andrea (a music teacher) in Harlingen, Texas.  Jason has a Master's degree in Music Performance from Iowa University.  He currently conducts a Symphonic Orchestra and composes music in synchronization with light and motion in his spare time.

Heather H. D.   

Heather graduated from Principia College in Mass Communications and is currently a teacher's aide at Clairborn (C.S. school) in California.  Heather is married to Chris Denison (editor for Dirt Rider Magazine) and is working on her Master's degree in Education at Whittier College.

Jamie H.  

Jamie recently graduated from high school and is currently a freshman at Oklahoma State University majoring in Computer Programming. As a musician, Jamie received superior ratings in solo as well as wind ensemble performances on trumpet. Jamie is also a Black Belt candidate in Karate  


Valerie M. - Vanderbilt University   

Alexis O. - Rice University

Patrick O. - University of Chicago

Jonathan S.  - Emerson College

Amy B. - Principia College

Shannon S.  - Middlebury College and Harvard University

Steve R. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology  

Marianne S.- Davidson College 

Warren M. -  Auburn University