SACS Accredited

Why Choose Us?

"We have lots of choices for schools and this is it! We are not going to look further."

–Preschool Parent

Top Reasons for Choosing The Branch School.

  • STEM and 21st century skills are key focuses for our school
  • Low student/teacher ratio
  • Teaching is to the whole child, nurturing the entire well-being of the student
  • Project-based learning to complement book learning
  • Challenging academics provide the opportunity to develop qualities that are key to success

Here's what our parents give as reasons for choosing us:

  • Safe and nurturing atmosphere
  • Critical thinking and peacemaking skills taught and practiced
  • Environmental Education class (Outdoor Classroom) and integration of the environmental studies into the curriculum
  • Exceptional morals and ethical values
  • Children are made to feel important - talents are celebrated
  • Quality and dedication of staff - many have long tenure 
  • Students taught to think "outside the box"
  • A strong sense of community
  • Welcoming teachers and staff
  • Demonstration of the Mission Statement
  • Significant parent participation
  • Teaching to student strengths while strengthening where needed
  • Considered one of the best private schools in Houston by Houston relocation assistance services
  • Daily opportunities for recess and physical activity
  • Fine arts and creative enrichment promoted
  • Strong code of conduct and character development