SACS Accredited


Our active Parents Association sponsors numerous school projects and provides many volunteer opportunities for parents, such as:

  • Organizing bake sales at our programs and special events
  • Ordering for our book club
  • Sharing special interests or talents with a class when these relate to units being studied
  • Training as a Junior Achievement volunteer
  • Chaperoning field trips
  • Organizing the Fall Carnival
  • Participating in major school fund raising events
  • Helping in the school library
  • Working in the Outdoor Classroom - before, during, after the class

There are sign-up opportunities at the beginning of the school year. Sign-up sheets are posted before an event as well to sign up for a specific area of interest. Background checks do need to be done on driver chaperones. You are welcome to volunteer at any time. Students benefit from your outreach to their school community.