SACS Accredited

Overview of Programs

Authentic Learning - Whole child - Higher Level Thinking

  1. Preschool - Laying the Foundation
  2. Elementary - Building Blocks to Success
  3. Middle School - Preparing Students for the 21st Century

In support of our mission statement, our students are engaged in authentic learning that focuses on the whole child through observation, invention, study, and original thought.  In our Preschool program, students obtain a strong foundation cultivating students' thinking.  The Elementary program implements a comprehensive, researched-based curriculum.  Our Middle School students make connections to 21st century skills through a cross-curricular program emphasizing science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM).  

Important Preparation (Visible Learning and Teaching)

Our focus is the whole child, paving the way to life-long success.  The Branch School is committed to modeling and engaging our students in peacemaking opportunities to resolve conflicts and improve communication skills.  The peacemaking program begins with our three-year-olds and extends through our middle school.  We embrace the steps that encourage our students to think more deeply and creatively as future leaders.

beyond memorization

Thinking is visible in our classrooms.  Our highly trained teachers create an environment that provides a myriad of thinking opportunities.  The low student/teacher ratio fosters and develops relationships with the students, thereby building connections to their learning. Through inquiry-based learning and problem-solving, authentic learning is visible.  Students are encouraged to wonder, ask questions, and solve problems to propel their learning at The Branch School.