SACS Accredited

After-School Enrichment

The following are descriptions of the various after-school enrichment classes offered during the school year.  Most, but not all classes, are offered througout each year, and some are dependent upon interest.


City Art Works teaches after-school art classes to pre-k through fifth grade students. In the classes, students explore age-appropriate art lessons and utilize various mediums to provide meaningful art experiences. 


The Branch School is a member of the West Houston Christian Sports Association (WHCSA). Students in Kindergarten through 6th grade have the opportunity to participate in soccer, basketball, and baseball. All teams are formed based on student interest and parent support, including all coaching. Track and field is available 3rd – 8th grade and is coached by the school coach with the assistance of parent volunteers.

Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts

These fun, after-school clubs are run by parent volunteers and provide students with exciting opportunities.


Various dance classes, such as ballet, tap, and jazz, are offered after school for our preschool through fourth grade students.  Students are exposed to techniques and skills while learning the discipline of dance.

Engineering for Kids

With Engineering for Kids, kindergarten through third grade students are able to discovery the fun of STEM with classes on Electrical Engineering and LEGO Robotics Engineering and Computer Programing.


Students are able to be immersed in the French language through learning to speak, read, and write French.  Music, art, and French culture are also included. 


Kindergarten through fourth grade students are invited toparticipate in this fun and dynamic class consisting of an upbeat urban style of dancing.  The class includes body conditioning to give dancers the strength and stamina to perform the high-energy choreography.  Hip-hop dance will help students build self-confidence, encouraging them to bring their own personality into the movements.

Junior Athletes

Junior Athletes teaches age-specific fitness programs for our preschool through 4th grade students.  The class teaches basic sports skills and forms a solid foundation of healthy living and physical well being through sports and fitness activities in a fun atmosphere.


Have your children "tickle the ivories" with private, after-school piano lessons. Piano lessons are scheduled throughout the week and provide the basic techniques and skills necessary to play the piano.

PSIA Contest Coaching

Skytree Academy is helping second through eighth grade students prepare to do well at the PSIA competition.  The focus of this class is on mathematics, number sense, mental math, and the art of problem solving. 


This after-school enrichment class is an exciting opportunity for students to be exposed to various cultures, including things such as language, food, etiquette, music, and dance.

Yearbook (5 - 8th)

Utilizing Jostens as our yearbook printer and distributer and Page Designer by Jostens, our middle school students are introduced to the following concepts:

  • Design & Production
  • Technology
  • Journalism
  • Photo-Journalism
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Content Development

Middle school students have their enthusiasm and creativity sparked through this club.

Yoginos: Yoga for Youth

Yoginos: Yoga for Youth classes are offered for our preschool through fourth grade students.  Yoginos is an interdisciplinary kids yoga program that weaves together mindfulness and wellness with original art, music, games, stories, and other sensory-integrated activities to promote flexibility, strength, balance, collaboration, civic and social responsibility, and nutrition on and off the yoga mat.