Expansion Plans

We have begun the process of planning for our campus expansion.  We are pleased to have partnered with Kirksey Architecture for this project.

We find that the qualities expressed by our architects represent foundational qualities of The Branch School:

  • High performing
  • Environmentally thoughtful
  • Science based, creative, methodical
  • Smart, durable, cost effective

To help us move forward with our expansion plans, Kirksey hosted a Visioning Workshop and a middle school student Sequoia Workshop.  Below are Kirksey's discovery reports from these workshops.  We are looking forward to continuing our planning and seeing this project unfold.

Please click the below images to see additional information.


First page of the PDF file: TBSPocketbook-CommunityVisioning-SMALL

Expansion Plan Discovery Report


First page of the PDF file: TBSSiteAnalysisSlides

Parking Overview Report

First page of the PDF file: TBSPocketbook-StudentVisioning-SMALL

Student Sequoia Discovery Report