Original Branch School Sign

Original sign and building on the school property


Student and school founder raising flag

Student and school founder raising flag


The Branch School gave our three grandchildren a solid foundation of the love of learning and of self-confidence and desire to develop their own talents.

Alumni Grandparent

The Branch School was established in 1977 by the founder, Helen Shaner Hankins, for preschool children who attended the Christian Science Sunday Schools in the Houston area. Through the years, the school has grown to include kindergarten to eighth grade. In 1993 the school began accepting students of all religious backgrounds. The Branch School is a non-profit, accredited private day school governed by a Board of Trustees.

Sixth grade was added in 2009 followed in consecutive years by seventh and eighth grade. Our program is one of strong academics with project-based learning and critical-thinking skills emphasized. The school’s identity is unique with its nurturing environment where peacemaking and character building are diligently practiced, and the natural world is respected as a place of learning in our Outdoor Classroom.

In 2018, the school acquired an additional 2.5 acres of land. This exciting purchase doubled the school's property in the pursuit of expanding school facilities.