Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

At The Branch School, critical thinking and problem solving are integral parts of our everyday teaching.  Our program implements a comprehensive, researched-based curriculum where students make connections to 21st century skills.  This is done through a cross-curricular program emphasizing science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM).  We also incorporate a well-designed language arts program that inspires observation and original thought.


beyond memorization

Thinking is visible in our classrooms. Our highly trained teachers create an environment that provides a myriad of thinking opportunities. The low student/teacher ratio fosters and develops relationships with the students, thereby building connections to their learning. Through inquiry-based learning and problem-solving, authentic learning is visible. Students are encouraged to wonder, ask questions, and solve problems to propel their learning at The Branch School.

The Branch School is among the best private schools in Houston, as its challenging academics and nurturing environment provide a solid foundation for students to grow and branch out.