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Where Engagement Leads: Learning with Purpose

Our Approach

Deep, analytical thinking and dexterous, inventive problem solving are both integral parts of The Branch School’s approach to teaching and learning. Our program implements a comprehensive, researched-based curriculum and a cross-curricular program emphasizing science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math (STEAM). We also incorporate a well-designed language arts program that teaches our students to explore, articulate, and explain their thinking.

Our low student-teacher ratio encourages supportive, transformative relationships and personalized approaches to learning. Through engaging, inquiry-based projects, Branch students are encouraged to wonder, ask questions, and find solutions as they build knowledge, skills, and a solid foundation from which to grow and branch out.

Our Academic Program

The Branch School offers a rich and challenging academic program and advanced courses, and our students exceed all traditional benchmarks—achieving top scores on standardized tests and excelling in competitions such as PBS Writers and the Private School Interscholastic Association. More importantly, we instill a deep, lifelong commitment to intellectual growth in each of our students, tapping into their own interests to draw them into the thrill of discovery and joy of understanding. At The Branch School, our students love how they’re learning every day—and that builds a profound and enduring passion for discovery.

Preschool Program (PK3 and PK4)

Older students reading to a younger student: Preschool, The Branch School, Private School in Houston

Our preschool program encourages our youngest students to play, create, and explore new ideas—all while establishing vital motor, social, and academic skills. We believe children learn best by doing. That's why we endeavor to make discovery and joy a part of every lesson and project.

Elementary School (Grades K-4th)

Elementary students working on an iPad: The Branch School, Private School in Houston

Our elementary students build strong academic foundations including key skills in critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity—even as they develop a fuller sense of self by exploring special subjects and taking growing responsibility for their own learning experiences.

Middle School (Grades 5-8)

Middle school students looking at STEAM projects: The Branch School, Private School in Houston

Our middle-schoolers become well-rounded individuals ready to excel and thrive in high school. Through challenging coursework and electives in art, theater, coding, and robotics, they grow into well-adjusted collaborators ready to take on complex, challenging tasks, like our year-long, division-wide Sequoia Project.


Middle School students working on science lab; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Middle school students participating in an archaeological dig; Project-Based Learning; Private School in Houston
Student using Promethean board doing a math problem; STEAM focus curriculum; The Branch School; Private School in Houston