Branch School students playing soccer together

Branch School students playing soccer together


Our commitment to building character has always been a core value. The mission of The Branch School is to inspire students to love, learn, and lead. The ability to be a positive leader is needed in our world to imagine the great that we can be, and the good that we can do. It starts right here, where children are expected to be both respectful of, and respected by, the school community, and to respect the dignity of every individual. Grace and Grit has been our motto for several years as we help children to be more resilient as well as happy and good. We strive to make The Branch a challenging and nurturing place to branch out. At a time when bullying is a threat to children who desire to express themselves individually, we work hard to educate our community on how to prevent and stop bullying. This requires qualities of leadership, such as empathy, compassion, and the desire to work for the greater good.

Visitors have often commented on how calm and peaceful the school atmosphere is when they walk through the doors. Branch School teachers nurture students and view them as having innate God-given potential. The size of The Branch School enables students and staff to know each other. Both staff and alumni referenced the school being like a family, while Middle School students mentioned the friendly environment. Many Middle Schoolers are proud of showing school spirit through being kind and helpful towards each other. One alum’s favorite Branch School memory is from a track meet where during her final 200-meter sprint, about half of the team sprinted beside her to the finish line.

Our parents feel that the school’s religious diversity and overall diversity is a strength of the school. Friendships are formed based on common interests and experiences, without regard to physical characteristics or background differences. A staff member noted that students are able to play with all different ages, and teachers know students that are not in their particular class. The school size also allows teachers to be more supportive of children’s needs because they already know the students before they progress to the next grade level.

An alumna, when reminiscing about her time at The Branch School, shared that she “can look back now and see just how accepting the environment was, and how accepting everyone was for me to just be myself. It was like a safe haven to be different and be an individual, not just a clone of everyone else.” A current board member who is a past staff member shared that the loving and nurturing atmosphere in the classroom as well as the challenge of academic excellence makes The Branch School community unique.