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Elementary School (K-4)

The Branch Elementary Program:
Loving to Learn in grades K through 4

Our challenging, project-based elementary curriculum is infused with interdisciplinary explorations. From using origami to engineering simple machines to studying ancient Egypt by creating hieroglyphics and mummifying a piece of fruit, learning in the Branch private Elementary School brings one delightful discovery after another. Our program ensures students advance as thinkers and problem-solvers, fully prepared for the challenges that await them in Middle School and beyond.

Integrated, STEAM-focused programming means learning doesn’t take place in silos. A study of caterpillars might begin with raising them in our Outdoor Classroom and documenting their growth. Then comes the research on butterfly life cycles—including a virtual chat with a scientist from the Houston Arboretum to discern what they need to emerge from their chrysalis and which flora the new butterflies will prefer. Interspersed with art projects, book reports, and group presentations, all areas of study in the Branch curriculum become lively, dynamic explorations that enlarge students’ understanding of themselves and world they inhabit.

The school day begins with Morning Meeting—a joyful opportunity for students to share and for important life lessons to be introduced and reinforced. This time allows children to enter the day with purpose and intention. Later, daily recess offers vital time for young bodies to race and swing and jump and for young hearts to connect with precious friends.

Our peacemaking program is a Branch hallmark, helping students resolve conflicts, improve communication skills, and better manage their own changing emotions. Research confirms that students think more deeply and creatively in a peaceful environment. We help them learn to listen honestly to one another, express themselves more clearly, and then come to a resolution that includes compassion for all involved. It’s The Branch Way–learning new things even as we learn to love one another more, and leading our world to a kinder, more unified place.


We invite you to explore the curricular offerings of each grade level.

Small group of students reading together; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Three elementary students doing STEAM project; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Elementary student doing hands-on stethoscope experiment; The Branch School; Private School in Houston

This slideshow of our South Wing gives a glimpse into the loving and collaborative environment experienced by our elementary students.

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This brochure, Where Love Leads: About The Branch School, will share more about Branch's curriculum, philosophy, and loving approach towards educating students.