Global Citizenship

Picture drawn by Branch School students with the saying "All We Need is Love"

The Branch School has been fortunate to attract a very diverse school population, students and staff, from almost every continent, and just about every religious, racial, economic and ethnic background. We want our students to develop a “growth mindset” where they strive to succeed through “grace and grit,” open to learning about other cultures and able to collaborate in activities which serve to solve global problems for the benefit of all mankind. The Branch School has also benefitted from the global connections of our expat families, for example from Scandinavian countries, who found an environment familiar to them at The Branch School with our emphasis on peaceful relations and development of the “whole” individual. Here is a quote from a newsletter of an international oil company:

“We sponsored a run to support a unique Houston school with strong ties to the employee community… The Branch School is an award-winning independent school… known for its progressive and child-centered teaching philosophy… which offers a learning environment that parallels our own educational model…”

Reflecting on successes of our last 40 years, there was a luncheon in honor of that milestone. Former students, parents and teachers, as well as current families and staff, attended the celebration. The founder, who started the school as a preschool in her sister’s kitchen, praised the growth and success of the school, and recounted the experiences of support from so many in the community. That community has grown in size and support over the 40 years, and for the luncheon, videoed well wishes came from all over the globe, especially from alumni, now in their 20s, 30s and early 40s, who thanked the founder for the opportunities afforded them from their experiences at The Branch School. There was a physicist, a college professor, successful businessmen and women, happy mothers and fathers, and several math teachers inspired by their math teacher, still teaching at The Branch School! Most indicated that The Branch School environment inspired them to be unlimited in their thinking and aspirations. These former students recalled that The Branch School made them feel safe and loved, while at the same time, teaching them to take risks. We are indeed grateful for their successes in their communities and in the world!