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Middle School (5-8)

The Hightower Middle School Program: Leading with love for grades 5 through 8

The Middle School at Branch is a supportive but challenging place, where young people feel safe to try harder, take risks, and test ideas. Amid classmates and teachers who love learning and each other, students delve deeply into an exciting, engaging STEAM-focused curriculum. We were excited to move into our new Hightower Middle School building in the Fall of 2022.  Students in grades 5 through 8 thrive in their own building equipped with labs, a library, and state-of-the-art technical resources.  

The Branch approach sharpens our students’ academic expertise even as it helps them better understand themselves and all they can contribute to the world. We teach peacemaking so students on the cusp of young adulthood learn to manage themselves in times of conflict, leading to greater understanding and personal insight. The Branch private Middle School experience is further enhanced by hands-on discoveries and a sense of stewardship found in our award-winning Outdoor Classroom, a variety of service-learning opportunities that improve lives in our community, and daily recess that allows students to re-set, reflect, and connect.

Our students come from across Houston and around the world, bringing diverse and varied experiences that expand all our perspectives. Academic and leadership opportunities and expert high school admissions counseling prepares our students for Houston’s best high schools.


We invite you to explore the curricular offerings of each grade level.

This slideshow provides insight into the hands-on, real-world experience found in the Hightower Middle School.

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This brochure, Rooted in Love: Middle School at The Branch School, will share about the learning experience of our middle school students.

Middle School students working on STEAM project together; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Middle School student working on a math problem with a calculator; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Students working on a class project; The Branch School; Private School in Houston