Middle School Science

Our Middle School science curriculum provides the foundation of inquiry-based learning. STEMscopes, a proven research-based program, is student-centered, focusing on asking meaningful questions based on observing scientific phenomena. The students become collaborating scientists with interactive-based learning, technology and virtual labs.

STEMscopes provides varied hands-on lab activities, plus intervention and acceleration materials. The use of technology makes learning more productive and accessible.

Through using the 5 E model: engaging, exploring, explaining, elaborating and evaluating, their world becomes more relevant.

Fifth Grade - General Science

In fifth grade general science, students use hands-on investigations to explore the physical, natural, and living environments in the world. Students learn to make observations, collect and analyze data, and work with lab equipment. The fifth grade science curriculum provides the foundation of inquiry-based learning.

Sixth Grade - Earth/Space Science

In sixth grade science, earth/space science is the focus of the curriculum. Students examine the roll of natural events in altering earth’s systems and explore the solar system, stars and galaxies in the universe through research, modeling, and individual projects. The sixth grade curriculum strengthens critical thinking and problem solving.

Seventh Grade - Life Science

In seventh grade science, life science is the focus of the curriculum. Students investigate organisms and environments through research, hands-on laboratory experiments, problem solving, and comprehensive projects to apply theories to real-world situations. The seventh grade curriculum enables students to explore concepts from minute cells to diverse biomes as they better grasp the world around them.

Eighth Grade - Physical Science

In eighth grade science, the interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum has a focus on physical science. Students investigate matter, energy, force, and motion through problem solving, analysis of research, and application to the real world. The eighth grade science curriculum enhances students’ curiosity and encourages them to generate questions about how the world works.