Preschool Program



Enjoy this North Wing slideshow which showcases the warm and joyful learning environment experienced by our youngest students.

Laying the Foundation

The preschool program comprises two grades:

      PK3 - Three-year-olds (Must be 3 by September 1st)
      PK4 - Four-year-olds (Must be 4 by September 1st)

Our preschool program builds a strong foundation for academic success in the elementary years and beyond. Preschool children can attend morning or full-day classes during the week. The interests, needs, strengths, and cultural background of each child are addressed in our fully accredited program.


What can you expect in the Preschool Program?

  • Nurturing environment
  • Opportunities for social development
  • Peacemaking skills - where children practice using positive words and actions in solving problems
  • Rich language development
  • Block building
  • Dramatic play - dress up and imaginative play
  • Experiments in cooking
  • Painting
  • Songs and storytelling
  • Age-appropriate activities
  • Learning while playing
  • Plenty of outside time that includes environmental education and hands-on discovery in the Outdoor Classroom
  • Literature-based and theme-based learning
  • Dictation of stories to teachers
  • Movement developing fine and gross motor skills
  • Daily exposure and instruction in Spanish to enrich learning


Learning Centers

Preschoolers learn best through exploration and play, and our classrooms provide many materials and equipment in learning centers, which promote intellectual, social, moral, and physical development. Our students have many choices for creative, imaginative play - the young child's avenue for learning. As children explore various topics (i.e. home), they learn more about the world around them. Art, circle time, block playing, dramatic play, story time, and centers all revolve around the main area of focus. Children often bring items from home that relate to their unit of study. Areas of study come into focus as the children pose questions about what they are learning. We love questions! Real learning takes place for these preschoolers as they learn by doing.