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Application Process

Applying to The Branch School

Prospective families are invited to visit throughout the school year to see how our preschool, elementary, and middle school learners are leading with love. The Branch School has a policy of rolling admissions, which allows us to admit transferring students immediately when we discover our offerings and program are a good fit for a particular applicant.

Throughout The Branch School's application process, we seek to build a complete picture of each prospective student—strengths, opportunities for growth, interests, and personality. We enthusiastically welcome families who wish to contribute to our connected community and share in our mission of helping every child love to learn, learn to lead, and lead with love.

Branch Admissions – Step by step

If you have questions, please email our Admissions Team. 

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Elementary student smiling and waiving at the camera; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Happy elementary students; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Middle School girl smiling at camera; The Branch School; Private School in Houston

Application Checklist

  1. Schedule your visit 
  2. Submit your online application 
  3. Schedule the ISEE (grades 7-8)
  4. Submit supporting documents 
  5. Schedule Shadow Day/Interview 

We provide strong academics, but we also instill curiosity that drives problem solving. I want our students to be curious and ask questions. Having that excitement about learning is much more important than having a lot of rote knowledge.

Faculty Member