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Our Alumni

Our alumni make us proud every day, by both making their own ways in the world and making the world a better place for all who share it. In college, careers, and life itself, our graduates are equipped—intellectually and emotionally, professionally and personally—to choose the path that’s right for them and follow it diligently and joyfully.

Branch alumni often cite the foundation they received here as key to their success in high school, college, and beyond. From learning, developing, and refining habits that contribute to their academic success, to the supportive friendships that remain with them into adulthood, Branch graduates go on to lead lives of purpose and joy. Here are a few of their reflections on their Branch experiences.

I have many fond memories from my 8 years at The Branch School. I was always a very shy child, but I was able to come out of my shell and be embraced by my classmates and teachers. With such small class sizes, I was able to really bond with my peers, forming lasting relationships many of whom I am still very close with, 7 years later. I was able to interact with my teachers one-on-one, to ask questions and to feel encouraged and valued. I always knew the teachers cared about me and wanted us to do well; I saw them as more than just lecturers, they were my mentors too. I always felt (and still do feel!) like a family member of TBS.

TBS Alum

If I had to thank The Branch School for one thing, it would be for preparing me for high school. Not only was I encouraged to ask questions, but The Branch School provided a safe environment where I felt comfortable asking questions and sharing my ideas. I am not afraid of talking to my professors and asking questions, because the TBS faculty was always so supportive.

The faculty and staff at TBS truly care about their students. I was able to tailor projects around my own passions, which led me to excel in high school. I even wrote a paper for my AP English course about how Heathcliff, in Wuthering Heights, was an invasive species, something my teacher had never seen before.

TBS is a pretty small school, but my transition into a larger high school was easy! I made lifelong friends at TBS, and because TBS allowed me to explore my passions, it was easy to make friends in high school. I entered high school at a higher math level because of TBS’ incredible math teachers; and excelled in all of my other high school courses because I was well prepared from my time at TBS.

TBS really encourages its students to follow their passions. The Capstone program encourages students to research a topic they are interested in and looking back now, I think that this was very beneficial to my education. Working on my capstone gave me the opportunity to learn more about something I was interested in, but also I got to work on researching something I was curious about. I am now working on my own research as a sophomore in college and though it was much smaller scale I am so thankful that I was given the opportunity to work on a research project and present it at TBS.
TBS Alum

I attended TBS from ages 3 to 11. While I was there, I experienced a hands-on education, with a small classroom environment that fostered personal growth. The teachers at TBS are able to give 100% to each of their students because of the smaller class size- and it makes a difference. One of the things that personally impacted me the most from TBS was how early they started teaching us a second language (Spanish!). This began my love of languages. Now, I am tri-lingual (I speak English, Norwegian, and Spanish) and am a linguistics and Norwegian double major, Latin American studies minor at St. Olaf College in Minnesota. TBS gave me that head start in language that I needed and I am very grateful for it!

TBS Alum


The Branch School left an indelible mark on my life. At an incredibly young age, the teachers at The Branch instilled a thirst for learning, one that has kept me curious throughout high school, college, and graduate school. The importance placed on academics at The Branch provided me with a foundation that allowed me to flourish as I continued exploring my interests. I feel incredibly fortunate that I was given the opportunity to grow at The Branch, whether academically through Kumon, creatively through Fall Festivals and May Fairs and Odyssey of the Mind, or socially through friendships that have lasted for years. Never have I looked forward to school more than I did during my years at The Branch, and I know that my experiences there will continue to influence me as I embark on my future adventures.
TBS Alum

I’m so grateful that I was able to attend The Branch School for most of my elementary years. Love, care, and encouragement were so abundant that I could easily have called it a second home. The faculty provided so much comfort and encouragement as they gave each and every one of us the perfect amount of attention. Our classes were set up so we were able to learn at our own increasing pace, keeping us continually challenged, and never bored! I was always excited to wake up and go to school the next day to see what new things I could learn. I had the unique opportunities to participate in the Houston Chronicle Spelling Bee and the Odyssey of the Mind competition. Most of my classmates turned out to be life-long friends whom I still talk to today! I feel grateful to have such a positive foundation that’s evident every day of my life.
TBS Alum


We will all remember our days at The Branch School. My education was enhanced by all the learning I did and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to go to school there. Not only was I prepared to be an inquisitive learner when I went on to high school, but I also cherish the friendships I made at The Branch School. Throughout high school, college, and beyond, we have all stayed in touch and enjoy reflecting about our experiences together, all of which began at The Branch School.
TBS Alum


The Branch School was a really happy place for me. It gave me a strong foundation in friendship, communication, and leadership. A couple of my teachers at The Branch School put a strong emphasis on respecting each other’s differences and working through challenges with classmates. We also did a lot of creative writing projects which gave me the background for writing papers in high school. The creative projects also taught me how to think outside the box, which I applied during four years of high school projects, and especially in writing my essays for college applications.

TBS Alum

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College Acceptances & Matriculation


Agnes Scott College
Auburn University
Austin College
Baylor University
Boston University
Brandeis University
Emerson College
Georgia Tech University
Georgetown University
Graduate Institute of   Geneva
Harvard Law School
Harvard University
Haverford University
Hong Kong University of  Science and Technology
Loyola University New   Orleans
New York University
Oklahoma State   University
Southern Methodist   University
St. Edward's University
St. Olaf College
Stanford University
Stetson University
Swarthmore University
Texas A & M University,   College Station 
Texas A & M University,   Galveston
Texas Christian   University 
The Martin Luther   University of Halle-   Wittenberg
The University of   Buckingham
The University of Texas
Trinity University
Tufts University
University of California   Berkeley
University of Colorado,   Boulder
University of Economics   - Prague
University of Houston
University of   Manchester in England
University of Nevada
University of Oklahoma
University of Strathclye in   Scotland
University of Texas
University of Tulsa
University of Wisconsin
Washington University
Wellesley College
Williams College

High School Acceptances & Matriculation

Carnegie Vanguard High School
DeBakey High School    
Duchesne Academy of   the Sacred Heart
Episcopal High School
Houston Christian   High School
Kinder HSPVA
Incarnate Word Academy
Memorial High School
Penn Foster Hugh   High School
Post Oak High School
Randolf-Macon Academy
St. Agnes Academy
St. Francis Episcopal   Day School
St. John's School
St. John XXIII
St. Pius X High School
St. Thomas High School
Stratford High School
The Awty International   School
The British International   School
The Kinkaid School
The Village School
UNC School of the Arts -  High School
Westchester Academy 
  for International Studies