“This is my son's sixth year at The Branch School. I am increasingly impressed with how the older students treat and help the younger students. It is like a family. Besides being Reading Buddies to the younger students I see them hold the doors for the younger ones, help them on the playground when there is a need, and they are truly concerned about their welfare. The teachers treat the students so well and then the students in turn treat their fellow students with respect and care.”
– Middle School Parent

“We have LOVED,LOVED, LOVED The Branch School. Thank you all so very much for taking such amazing care of my son and fostering a nurturing learning environment for him. I have and will continue to recommend The Branch School to anyone who is looking for a private school in the area - I researched enough to know that this one is the best! (And yes, you may quote me!) I wish you all the best and will watch as your school continues to grow." – Preschool Parent

Staff Commitment
“I can't tell you how much I appreciate the extra mile that you and your staff are going to help our son in his academic journey. He had a great classroom visit. The commitment and care that The Branch School community has for its students is one-of-a-kind. We would be honored to join the family.”
– Middle School Parent

Confident Child
“We believe our son has developed into a confident child solely due to the love The Branch School has provided.”
– Elementary Parent

Persuasive Writing Skills and Business
“You have excellent teachers who have integrated what students are learning academically with how they might use these skills later in life. Example: the lesson using persuasive writing skills to "sell" their fictitious toy company idea to businesses or investors.”
– Middle School Parent Reading Buddies
The reading program where students from older classrooms read to PK3 and PK4 once a week is a favorite activity for my son.” – Preschool Parent

This is It!
“We have lots of choices for schools and this is it! We are not going to look further. The whole experience of touring the school and meeting the staff told me that my child would not be a number and an unknown face.”
– Preschool Parent

Peacemaking Endeavors
“The Peacemaking effort and focus on how we treat others is wonderful. You just don't find that to be as prioritized as it seems to be at The Branch School.”
– Elementary Parent

Curriculum Promotes Critical Thinking
“It is developmentally appropriate. It is thorough, yet promotes good critical thinking skills. It is challenging but allows students to work in the zone of proximal development.”
– Kindergarten Parent

Best Possible Educational Experience
“The school is open to new ideas and is always striving to offer the best possible educational experience for our children. The curriculum offers the basics, and beyond.”
– Parent

Hands-On Learning
“The Branch School is a wonderful environment for learning and growth. It is unmatched in its ability to create a fabulously unique hands-on learning. The staff and teachers are friendly and warm. The school creates a safe and loving space for the parents and children.”
– Elementary Parent

Choosing A Middle School
“We want to provide our son with a positive educational experience as he enters high school. We believe his current environment is non-supportive and beginning to impact his self-esteem. Finding The Branch School was a perfect answer.”
– Middle School Parent

Academics and Peacemaking
“We love The Branch School because it is teaching our children to become peaceful, loving human beings and top-notch scholars!”
– Elementary Parent

Love of Learning
“We appreciate how The Branch School encourages a genuine love of learning. We also love the feeling of peace we have here.”
– Elementary Parent

Math, Science, and Language Arts
“The math and science programs are excellent. Overall, the writing program is fantastic and fosters critical thinking.”
– Parent

Atmosphere Adds to Academic Structure
“The number one reason we were attracted to The Branch School is because of the 'peaceful nature of the faculty, staff, and school.' When we walked in we felt this peace but after the Sneak A Peek (class visit the day before school starts) we were assured that everybody has an active interest in every last child. The positive energy of this school is felt and the atmosphere adds to the academic structure.”
– Elementary Parent

Individuality Celebrated Complemented by Strong Academics
“From the beginning, The Branch School has welcomed my son unconditionally and celebrated his individualism. This builds his self-esteem and confidence, promotes self-discovery, and encourages him to appreciate the individuality of others. We knew of the outstanding academics prior to our initial visit. What we didn't know about was the commitment and sincerity of the staff in fostering each child's emotional development. I believe that once someone feels comfortable in their own skin, their potential is limitless. Thus the outstanding academics.”
– Elementary Parent

The Difference
“When we visited The Branch School we were impressed with the love-giving (loving) environment. The school teaches knowledge in a playful, hands-on way that the kids don't even realize that they are actually learning. The school takes each child individually and teaches to their strengths and helps them where needed. The program teaches them to be respectful of each other and to make decisions that they are proud of. They then become positive leaders in their own way.
When our son was 6 finishing kindergarten in another school he felt a lot of pressure and didn't like school at all! We were worried — this was the beginning of his school years — what will he be and say when he goes to Middle School? Luckily we found The Branch School and today when we pass the school in the car he ALWAYS says: Mommy, look there is my school — I love my school. It is so important to see our child happy and we are very grateful that our way crossed with The Branch School. We have to go back to our home country but our heart will always be with this school, their wonderful teachers and staff!”
– Elementary Parent

Strong Academics
“The atmosphere of this school is loving and kind while providing strong academics. The Outdoor Classroom program is certainly a pull for us. We also appreciate the receptiveness to parent input.”
– Elementary Parent

“My child is more compassionate toward others. He talks instead of arguing.”
– Parent

Admissions Process Appreciated
“I want to thank you for making the Admission process such a nice one. We have felt as if you all got to know us and we were not just another family coming through the door...being in Admissions at another school myself —I wanted to pass this along as feedback. Our child enjoyed his classroom visit...especially the Outdoor Classroom and was telling everyone about pulling plants, looking for seeds, etc.”
– Prospective Elementary Parent

Solid Foundation
“I am writing this note to express our thanks with regards to the time and information you shared with my wife and me when visiting The Branch School. The setting and environment is spectacular, and it is clear that a tremendous amount of dedication and care has created a very solid foundation for your school.”
– Prospective Parent

Teachers Care and Show One-on-One Attention
“Teachers are willing to spend time with our daughter and teach in a way in which she understands and enjoys.”
– Kindergarten Parent

Justice and Ethical Behavior
“The Branch School students seem to be more aware of fairness, justice, and ethical behavior. They seem to be more sensitive and better able to recognize when these attributes are not demonstrated.”
– Parent

Excelling Made Possible
“This school provides a safe and nurturing environment. They can excel as students because they feel at home with their teachers and friends. We are thankful for the opportunity this setting has given our two children.”
– Elementary Parent

Whole Child Education
“I so enjoyed touring your school. It is easy to see how much you and all the families love it there. The Branch School made a huge impression on me, it is inspiring to see a school whose main focus truly is the children. I love the idea of "whole child" education and the creative ways the school supports the young citizens of our world.”
– Parent

Learning Fun Again
“Our eldest son couldn't survive his old school. He wasn't qualified to be in a GT (Gifted and Talented) Program because of something in Kindergarten. He was bored silly with worksheets and busy work and very frustrated with school. This is a boy who was checking out 5th grade books in 1st grade — if he failed to do worksheets or busy work, they kept him out of P.E. His attitude was becoming one of not caring anything about school. He was still bright, just not being nurtured. Since coming to TBS, he has commented that learning is fun again. The curriculum and hands-on approach have sparked his joy of learning — he's reading more, he now loves math and excels in it. His writing is improving by the loving encouragement of his teacher.”
– Parent

Now Loves School
“Our youngest son was struggling with separation from Mom. Because of the loving atmosphere and the support from the staff, he is now confident and loves coming to school everyday.”
– Pre-K Parent

Small Class Sizes and Critical Thinking Skills
“I liked the energy at the school the minute I got out of my car at the first visit. The disposition of the staff I met was wonderful and inviting. I like the small class sizes and I really like the fact that the school teaches life skills such as conflict resolution and critical thinking abilities.”
– Prospective Middle School Parent

Right Fit at the Right Time
“When I was choosing schools The Branch School was the right school at the right time. It continues to be. I was impressed with the sense of family. I love how the fifth graders help the kindergartners, and there are reading buddies for the younger students. The students care about each other, the teachers care about the students, and the school cares about the families.”
– Elementary Parent

Community and Integrated Curriculum
“I love the sense of community. I wanted a school that valued a love of learning. That is exactly what we get here. Our son shares HOW he learns. I love to see how the curriculum is integrated. For example the social studies teacher had the students writing on a topic and supporting the learning by participating in an activity that validated the learning. I have seen a lot of schools, both public and private, and what I value here is that The Branch School and its staff understand how to bring out a love of learning.”
– Elementary Parent

Values Taught and Demonstrated
“The philosophy and values of the school are similar to those we believe in and we would like our two children to be in a school where they are taught and lived.”
– Preschool Parent

Math Progress
“Everything about this school is incredible. My older son now loves math and was recommended for honors class when we moved. This is a child who could not finish the math assessment when he first came to The Branch School.”
– Elementary Parent

Caring Teachers
“We found the school to be a warm place. We have the distinct impression that the teachers really care about the children. The philosophy seems to match what we would like for our daughters.”
– Parent

Student Preparation for the Future
“I believe that The Branch School will provide my child with a strong academic background needed for our world in the future. I feel he will experience the love of learning through creativity and the hands-on interactive approach.”
– Prospective Kindergarten Parent

Focus on Well-Rounded Child
“Visiting the school was a pleasure. I am impressed by the focus on the well-rounded child together with a strong academic foundation.”
– Parent

Safe Place
“We believe The Branch School's nurturing environment coupled with personal attention will help our child grow to her potential in a safe place. We also believe that problem-solving and teamwork are important skills to foster, which are built into the curriculum at The Branch School.”
– Elementary Parent

Immediate Learning Environment
“You know that it is a good school when you walk in and feel the energy level and that the children are comfortable and happy. That is what we found at The Branch School.”
– Parent

Pre-K Curriculum
“In the Pre-K the centers were great and the ability of the teacher to go one-on-one with the students for reading and math for those who are ready.”
– Pre-K Parent

Peacemaking at Home and School
“The Branch School has helped in every way. We are pleased with the programs, the peacemaking, the sharing, and how to treat others in the classroom. At home our daughter says things like, 'Remember to be a peacemaker.'”
– Parent

A Happy Place to Go Each Day
“...super friendly and welcoming parents, challenging and scientifically interesting projects, fun, exciting and different kinds of field trips, a safe environment, and a place where my child is proud and happy to go to each day. We've searched about 20 private schools in Houston and talked to countless parents and the verdict was hands-down to go to The Branch School. I can't think of a way to improve it! Except to take it to 12th grade.”
– Portion of Quote Posted on greatschools.net


Fondness for Social Studies
“One of my favorite classes would have to be Social Studies. These classes have encouraged me to want to become a historian or an archeologist. I've learned about Texas, World War II and even the California Gold Rush. I remember our field trips when I was in the Pre-K class to the pumpkin patch and more recently the one to the Bayou Wildlife Park.”
– Fifth Grade Student

Working Math Problems
“This is my first year at TBS and I am learning a lot. I feel so much smarter. I've made good grades. This is all thanks to all my great teachers and their teaching. One subject I especially like is math. I remember the one time I had trouble with ratios. I worked hard and now, I do ratios very well.”
– Fifth Grader

Respect, Social Studies, and Field Trips
“I've been here since Pre-K. I have learned so many things it would be impossible to count. I've learned to respect friendships and teachers. Another important lesson I have learned is to always, always believe in yourself no matter how hard it seems.”
– Elementary Student

Explanations Understandable
“I have learned things that I've never known. The teachers here explain things easier than at other schools.”
– Second Grade Student

Academic Programs
“I love The Branch School. I like many things about it like its size, the nice people who run it, the teaching programs that the teachers use... I have also learned so many things, from learning how to find the area of a circle and a lot about peacemaking too. The peacemaking skills will help me now and in the future. We go on a lot of field trips that reinforce what we learn in the classroom.”
– From speech at Fifth Grade Celebration

Benefit of Listening -Think Beyond Yourself
“One thing that I have learned at The Branch School is that I can make a difference in the world by listening carefully to what the teacher says so I can learn about the subject. So when I grow up I can help people learn things they don't know and make money to help animals and people have better lives. Most people don't think about the handicaps some people have and so I am going to help those people. I'll use some of the money to go to college so that I can have even more knowledge to share with people. I will buy a house, keep learning and sharing knowledge, and save money to help others.

Another important thing I've learned at The Branch School is that people should think beyond themselves because they are not the center of the world.”
– Journal writing of elementary student

Values Math and Social Studies
“I love math and social studies here. I love that you have all these friends to choose from to play with at recess.”
– First Grade Student

Math and Spanish
“All of my teachers have made learning a lot of fun, especially math and Spanish. I can't wait to take those classes next year. The Branch isn't just a school to me. It's more like a home and there are students who would love to be your friend.”
– Fifth Grade Student

A Fan of Unit Studies
“I love the units we study here. My favorite units were about Australia, volcanoes, chocolate, Mexico, and the Olympics (it included a skating field trip with a TBS alumnus student who excels in ice hockey).”
– Elementary Student

The Worth of Field Trips
“We go on amazing field trips that have to do with the units we are studying. I loved learning this year about Canada, other continents, and bats. Besides putting on our own play, we attend plays and musical events or have interesting groups come to us with presentations in Melcher Hall.”
– Second Grader

Kindness and Worth of Science Experiments
“I like the kindness of my friends and teachers. I want to help others by teaching them about peacemaking that we learn here. I really like the science experiments. It is good to do experiments because you learn more. My favorite experiment this year was the stream table where we explored the water flow erosions.”
– Fifth Grader

Decision-Making Input
“I love The Branch School because we have somewhat of a decision in what we learn. I like that because if there is a subject we're really interested in, we can just ask the teacher to teach it. For example, last year when the class really wanted to learn about dinosaurs, our teacher taught us about dinosaurs. It makes me feel good when I know I am included in making decisions.”
– Fourth Grade Student

Upbeat Atmosphere
“We love The Branch School because the teachers and staff are cheery, loving, and nurturing.”
– Family of Third Grader

Good with Teaching Problem-Solving
“'They are really good with children.' When asked by his mom what he meant by this, he said, 'You know, little children need a lot of help with problem-solving, and they are really good teaching them about that.'”
– First Grader

Learning is Fun
“I learned how much more fun learning can be...”
– New Fourth Grade Student

New Surprises in Math
“It's been three years that I have been learning at The Branch School. I have amazing friends and a love of the earth that I will never forget. One thing that will stick with me the most is the math program here. There is always a new surprise in each new math problem. Who knew that finding the volume of cylinders could be so fun? No matter what, as our school song says, '...we will all remember our days at The Branch School.'”
– Elementary Student at Fifth Grade Celebration

Availability of Teachers
“In just 3 years I feel like I have been a member of The Branch School for a lifetime - from the first day I set foot in the school until now when I am standing on the stage at the Fifth Grade Celebration. The Branch School is like my second home. The thing that I will always remember and will take with me is the Golden Rule, to treat others the way you want to be treated. I would like to thank my teachers for being there when I needed them most.”
– Fifth Grade Student at Fifth Grade Celebration


Unsurpassable Academics
“Academics at The Branch School are unsurpassable.”
– Parents of Graduate

Reflecting on her experiences at The Branch School
while driving to High Point University in N.C.
Age 18 years, college freshman
“The Branch School was a really happy place for me to be. It gave me a strong foundation in friendship, communication and leadership. A couple of my teachers at The Branch School put a strong emphasis on respecting each other's differences and working through challenges with classmates. We also did a lot of creative writing projects and that's what gave me the background for writing papers in high school. The creative projects also taught me how to think "outside the box" which I applied during four years of high school projects, and especially in writing my essays for college applications.”
– Alumna

Grandparent Feedback
“The kids are great and doing well in school. One has become immersed in debate and he's attending a 3 week camp at UT this summer. He loves being in high school. His younger sister is excelling in her academics and leadership. Our eldest granddaughter is now a senior, and will spend some time this summer visiting colleges with her dad on a Rustic Pathways community service trip to Peru for 3 weeks. What fabulous lives they have, but lots of pressure, too. Fortunately, The Branch School gave them a solid foundation of the love of learning and of self-confidence and desire to develop their own talents.”
– Email to Head of School sharing the success of her three
grandchildren who graduated from The Branch School

Learning Experience
“I love The Branch School because everyone has made my grandson and me feel like part of a wonderful family. The school has provided a great learning experience.”
– Grandmother of Graduate

To Students Considering The Branch School
“All of my teachers have made learning a lot of fun, especially math and Spanish. I can't wait to learn more in these subjects. The Branch isn't just a school to me. It's more like a home, and there are students who love to become your friend.”

Academic Growth and Progress
“The Branch School has good rules, and the teachers and my friends are very nice. I believe that I have improved in every subject while attending here. The teachers make it easy to learn."
– 2008 Graduate

Acceptable Behavior to Include Others
“Our daughter's view has changed in what she sees as acceptable behavior. At her prior school the girls would form 'clubs' on the playground, and she thought it was cool to be part of the clubs, but found herself torn when her friends were left out. Since coming to TBS, she realizes it is not acceptable behavior to include some and leave others out, and has questioned why those students would act that way. Her change in character means more to me than anything."
– Mom of Alumna Student

Strong Moral Foundation
“The Branch School has mastered the art of creating a stimulating learning environment, in which the student's individual expression of talents and abilities are respected, all in the context of a strong moral foundation. The school recognizes that family, teachers, students and the community play a vital role in the learning process and embraces these opportunities.”
– Parent of Graduate

Strong Early Educations Roots
“The Branch School set both of my children up for positive school experience. They looked forward to going to school even after they moved on. I feel that it was their early childhood education that taught them to love learning. My daughter graduated from Rice University and my son is attending University of Chicago. I am happy to bring clients to your school as they relocate to Houston or who are ex-patriots.”
– Graduates' Mom and Relocation Specialist

Two Students Benefit
“My two grandchildren attended The Branch School from First Grade through graduation. It was the most awesome, loving experience for all of us as the children blossomed there. They are now both in college. I am so grateful that their beginnings were at The Branch School. It would be so wonderful if every child had such a happy beginning at a loving school.”
– From a Grandparent Letter

Thinking Outside the Box
“While at TBS math was my favorite subject. The challenges my teacher gave me surely helped me, like when she gave us a packet to help us with the Stanfords (tests). There were these made-up shapes called 'hertogs' that really made me think. Now I know that when things look impossible you can't give up. You have to look at it in a different way.”
– Student Speech

Continually Challenged
“I'm so grateful that I was able to attend The Branch School for most of my elementary years. Love, care, and encouragement were so abundant that I could easily have called it a second home. The faculty provided so much comfort and encouragement as they gave each and every one of us the perfect amount of attention. Our classes were set up where we were able to learn at our own increasing pace, keeping us continually challenged, and never bored! I was always excited to wake up and go to school the next day to see what new things I could learn. I had the unique opportunities to participate in the Houston Chronicle Spelling Bee and the Odyssey of the Mind competition. Most of the classmates turned out to be life-long friends whom I still talk to today! I feel grateful that I was provided with such a positive foundation that is evident every day of my life.”
– Alumna, Graduate of Texas A & M University

College Students Update and the Impact of TBS

College Grad Teaches and Leads
“After graduating high school in May of 2007, I went to Texas A&M University where I received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science in three years. I am now working on a Masters of Education in Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University. I just received a teaching position at Somerville High School to teach 9th grade World Geography and 10th grade World History. I am also the assistant coach for volleyball, basketball, and softball. I helped with a fundraising group that raised money for those affected by Hurricane Ike. I was the Chair of the Student Conference on National Affairs (2009-2010) where I received the Cyrus Johnson Memorial Scholarship for my leadership and work ethic throughout my three years in the organization.”
– Alumna

My Branch School experience:
“The song is true - we will all remember our days at The Branch School. My education was enhanced by all the learning I did at The Branch School, and I am incredibly grateful that I had the opportunity to go to school there. Not only was I prepared to be an inquisitive learner when I went to my new school, but I also have cherished the friendships I made at The Branch School. Throughout the years of high school, college, and beyond, we have all stayed in touch and enjoy reflecting about our experiences together, all of which began at The Branch School.”

My alumna status:
“I graduated from The Kinkaid School and went to college at Texas Christian University. I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor's degree in Middle School Math Education. I worked at a middle school in Austin for four years, teaching seventh and eighth grade Math and coaching three volleyball teams, and then tested for my high school teaching certificate. I married an Air Force pilot and am now working at the high school in Del Rio, Texas, teaching Algebra, Geometry, and (hopefully) Pre-Calculus. I am currently pursuing my Master's degree in Education, and I look forward to continuing to teach in the high school.”
– Alumna

After attending The Branch School, Heather attended middle school at The Village School in west Houston. At Stratford High School, Heather was active in several groups, including National Honor Society. She was co-captain of the varsity soccer team, and graduated valedictorian of the class of 2005. Heather then attended Trinity University in San Antonio, where she majored in Political Science, with minors in Economics and French. While in college, she was a member of several honor societies and was involved with volunteering and the Student Conduct Board. In 2009, she graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Heather is currently attending the George Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University, working toward a Masters degree in Public Administration. When she graduates in 2011, she hopes to work with either the state government or nonprofits, focusing on education policy.

What The Branch School Did for Me
“The Branch School left an indelible mark on my life. At an incredibly young age, the teachers at The Branch instilled in me a thirst for learning, one that has kept me curious throughout high school, college, and graduate school. The importance placed on academics at The Branch provided me with a foundation that allowed me to flourish as I continued exploring my interests. I feel incredibly fortunate that I was given the opportunity to grow at The Branch, whether academically through Kumon, creatively through Fall Festivals and Mayfairs, Odyssey of the Mind, or socially through making friendships that have lasted for years. Never have I looked forward to school more than I did during my years at The Branch, and I know that my experiences there will continue to influence me as I embark on my future adventures.”

Value of TBS Music Instruction
Jason is proving that music instruction at The Branch School has great value to its students. He is presently living with his wife Andrea (a music teacher) in Harlingen, Texas. Jason has a Master's degree in Music Performance from Iowa University. He currently conducts a Symphonic Orchestra and composes music in synchronization with light and motion in his spare time.

Heather graduated from Principia College in Mass Communications and is currently a teacher's aide at Clairborn (C.S. school) in California. Heather is married to Chris Denison (editor for Dirt Rider Magazine) and is working on her Master's degree in Education at Whittier College.

Computer, Music, and Karate
Jamie recently graduated from high school and is currently a freshman at Oklahoma State University majoring in Computer Programming. As a musician, Jamie received superior ratings in solo as well as wind ensemble performances on trumpet. Jamie is also a Black Belt candidate in Karate.


Hope for the Future
“The children of today are the hope for the future. They will be the inventors, scientists, and leaders of tomorrow. It is our responsibility as teachers to open the doors to the numerous possibilities within their reach so that they will learn and explore the world around them.”
– Elementary Teacher

Supportive Environment - Entire Branch School Community
“I am fortunate to teach at The Branch School because of its caring and supportive environment that comes from the teachers as well as the parents. This allows students to feel safe while exploring and growing as life-long learners. I appreciate the opportunity to attend professional development classes. Recent classes included an online Scientific Spelling workshop sponsored by Neuhaus Education Center and a Promethean Interactive Learning Board workshop.”
– Middle School Teacher

The “Ah-ha” Moment
“I love teaching at The Branch School because I love being a part of the learning that goes on when children are exploring new things and they have that "ah-ha" moment. I also love to observe them as they problem-solve and work things out on their own in peaceful ways, after learning peacemaking skills, "I-messages", and reflective listening.”
– Preschool Teacher

Declaring A Love of Math
“Teaching at The Branch School is a joy! Helping each child reach his or her full potential in his or her own unique way makes each day fresh and rewarding. I love seeing students blossom and express their love of learning as they experience those moments of discovery. To hear student after student end each year declaring their love of math makes my work at TBS fulfilling. And to top it all off, the dedication, support and compassion of all the staff make The Branch School a great place to teach and learn.”
– Middle School Teacher

Zooming-In Curriculum
“Our school's class sizes and curriculums create a wonderful combination for "zooming-in" on learning. "Zooming-in" gives us the opportunity to explore topics of study in-depth, allowing each student to develop his or her own unique interests. Excited about learning and finding the "why", students come together to share ideas and insight with peers. This illustrates our harmonious learning environment at The Branch School.”
– Elementary Teacher

Phenomenal Dedication
“I appreciate working at The Branch School because of the phenomenal teachers and staff. They are truly dedicated to their jobs, and they go above and beyond to make each learning experience unique and exciting for their students. It is a wonderful place for children to grow into responsible citizens and active learners.”
– Elementary Teacher

Creative Genius
“Our learning environment fosters the creative genius!”
– Art Teacher

“Creating Visionaries and Innovative Thinking"
– Specialty Art Teacher

Quality of Students
“My first encounter with Branch School students was a presentation on the oil business. I was impressed by their curiosity, candor, enthusiasm and gentleness. I subsequently helped lead their field trip to my refinery, which cemented the opinion--these were genuine qualities, not a one-time performance. That moved me to start volunteering, and the more involved I've been, the more I respect the program and the staff who make it a reality.”
– Environmental Education - Outdoor Classroom Teacher

Whole-Child, Hands-On Learning
“Why I like teaching at The Branch School:

  • Small class sizes let me really focus on individual students' needs
  • Character education and peacemaking leads the older students to want to nurture and guide younger students (i.e., big kids are really sweet to the little ones)
  • Education of the whole child - academic, social, emotional, artistic, etc.
  • Lots of constructive hands-on learning”

– Preschool Teacher

Bringing Out the Best
“I particularly like teaching here because I'm encouraged to be the best teacher I can be. The staff and administration support and encourage us to keep moving in our professional development. There is a focus, guidance, and community learning. This benefits the students we teach and care for during the day.”
– Elementary Teacher

Importance of Proper Grammar
“I strongly believe that spelling and grammar are vital to a child's education. As we all are well aware, both go quickly by the wayside as we become more and more addicted to our technology. I've heard that some districts find correct spelling no longer a necessity, as test scores become most important. As a teacher at The Branch School, I know that my dedication to teaching correct grammar and superior spelling is supported by the rest of the faculty and administration. Through creative and collaborative projects and activities, I know my students will understand the difference between, when to use, and how to accurately spell, its and it's; your and you're; their, there and they're, and produce strong test scores, too!”
– Middle School Teacher

Knowledge of History to be Celebrated
“I'm also thrilled to be teaching Social Studies and History this year. Who we are, where we come from, how our state and country were formed, and who fought for our freedoms is something each student should be familiar with, and celebrate.”
– Middle School Teacher

Quality of Thought
“One of the main reasons I am so passionate about working at The Branch School is the quality of thought I see here. The purpose behind a Branch School education is not so much about perfecting long division or memorizing the presidents - it goes way deeper than that. Children here are expected to think for themselves, to be active participants in their own learning. These high expectations help them see themselves as capable learners and workers. The teachers remove labels and limitations from the kids. It's amazing what children can do when no one tells them otherwise.”
– Elementary Teacher

Digging Deep
“I love the nurturing atmosphere and the low student to teacher ratio in my classroom. We are like a family, working together, supporting one another, and caring about each other. I also love the fact that we get to dig so deep into curriculum, having thought-provoking discussions that enable every student to participate and be heard. The Branch School is a very special place to come every day.”
– Middle School Teacher

Supportive Atmosphere
“I love the supportive atmosphere at The Branch School, and the daily affirmation that God is guiding each and every one of us as we serve as both educators and students.”
– Middle School Teacher

The Creative Experience

  • “I enjoy the whole experience of children's art, from observing them creating to delighting in the finished works. It fills my heart and soul with joy.
  • Creating an art piece encompasses all of your mind, body and soul. Your individuality shines through your unique piece of art only you can create.
  • Art, through its creative and colorful essence, brightens our world and lifts our spirits up and causes us to contemplate."

– Elementary Art Teacher and Librarian

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