Why TBS?

The Branch School, serving children in PK3 through 8th grade, is an oasis of calm in a hurry-up world.  Assured of the love and avid interest of their teachers, our inquisitive students explore a STEAM-infused curriculum with confidence. We believe children are unlimited – that they realize their potential when they know they are loved and their teachers are in their corner.

The Preschool through Middle School Model

According to the Rand Study and National Middle School Association Study, the preschool through eighth-grade model “enhances academic, social, and emotional development while bringing about improved self-esteem and confidence.” Our model and small scale allow us to extend the innocence and wonder of childhood. It allows us to offer leadership opportunities to middle school students that are not available until high school in other settings. As the biggest kids on campus, our middle school students strengthen their leadership mettle as they engage in complex collaborative work and spearhead campus initiatives. They become responsible, reliable role models to younger students, who look up to them and resolve to be leaders exactly like them one day. 

Applying and transitioning to high school after eighth grade allows you and your child to more thoughtfully consider the type of high school environment that will best suit. It provides a reset for students and a practice-run for the college application process that will follow a few years later.

I value that The Branch School is a place where my child can feel safe and comfortable to be himself. It is a place where he feels accepted. 
– Branch parent

Have time in your schedule to drop by for a visit on a Friday?  We'd love to see you.  Prospective families are invited to come join us for a Drop-In Friday Event.