Read to Succeed: Benefits of Nightly Reading

Reading can be bear-y fun for all ages, especially if you’re a Branch School Bear! Making time in the evening to read with your child sets them up to succeed not only in the classroom but also among friends, family and future colleagues.

Picture of books on library shelf


Educators and researchers recommend prioritizing reading in your child’s daily routine from the time they are born. Pick up your favorite mystery novel, a dictionary or a national magazine to read aloud to your newborn, every day. The sound of your voice will build literacy skills and help with language development.

Typically, children spend their free time doing something they love. Whether that’s playing dress up, coloring or turning to various forms of digital entertainment. As a parent or guardian, you’re aware of the advances of technologies happening all around us. From an early age, too much consumption of computer or video games can create a dependence that might be difficult to overcome. Technology developers have incorporated psychological methods into products, such as video games or social media platforms, to make users feel as if they are being rewarded for maintaining virtual connections.

Students reading books

While learning with technology is vital, outdoor activities, such as sports, and essential habits, such as reading books, should be the focus rather than constant forms of digital entertainment. However, there are multiple ways you, as a parent or guardian, can foster your child’s reading habits.

One of the best ways to cultivate a habit is to start small. If a child only reads five to ten minutes every day, over time they will find books they love, and their daily reading time may naturally increase.

The following are benefits of spending 20 minutes – or more – reading each night:
1.    “Exercises” the brain
2.    Improves academic performance
3.    Enhances concentration
4.    Improves relationships
5.    Increases curiosity and imagination
6.    Develops strong listening skills

Remember to focus on creating a consistent routine. There will be times where they might get off track due to other activities but encourage them to pick back up where they left off. Setting long-term goals with your child is a great way to nurture their reading habits.

At The Branch School, we encourage families to get together each evening to read to succeed.

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