At Branch, We Know Where Love Leads


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Loving to Learn. Learning to Lead. Leading with Love; The Branch School; Private School in Houston







At The Branch School, we start with love – deep, genuine love for each student as an unlimited, unique individual.  This love creates an accepting, inclusive environment where students feel safe to explore their passions, try hard, take risks, and learn so much more.  And over time, this approach shapes our students as leaders in the truest sense – into people who are secure enough in themselves to show up and advocate for others.   

Our entire faculty and staff is intentionally attuned to our students and committed to bring out the best in them every day.  Our average class size is around 10 students allowing teachers to provide individualized instruction and really know each of their students.  Our calm, safe, and happy school atmosphere allows children to enjoy being at school and engage in ideas with pure excitement. 

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Thursday, October 15
6:30 p.m.

The Branch School Way

We know that students learn better when they can be themselves as makers, investigators, and thinkers.  We try to make our classes and projects creative, inventive, and active, reaching students across differing styles and strengths with a wide range of approaches.  This hands-on, real-world approach engages students’ imaginations and emotions and builds on their interests and passions to create personal investment in learning and more nimble, creative thinking.


Students enjoying playing on the playground; The Branch School; Private School in Houston


Importance of a School Atmosphere

As a private school in Houston, our calm and happy school atmosphere allows students to enjoy being at school and engage in ideas with pure excitement. A sense of safety also encourages them to relax into a real love, not only of learning, but also of the people around them – from peers, to educators, to community members. This family-like feel and the loving connection between students and teachers enables students to take part in deep academic exploration. They feel empowered to ask questions, give presentations in front of their classmates, and explore and grow their capacities in ways they might not have thought possible. Our loving environment emboldens students to reach higher and empowers them to try harder.  

Amid deep academic exploration, we make time every day for play and recess; we know even middle schoolers benefit greatly from getting out and moving, from engaging in relaxed and supportive peer-to-peer interactions, and having time to reset.

At The Branch School, love truly leads - from a flash of excitement during an experiment to an enduring fascination with knowing and growing or from accepting yourself just as you are to valuing others for what makes them different.

Request additional information or schedule a tour to see if The Branch School is the right fit for your family.

Branch Moving Forward

The Branch School is in the midst of much positive growth, with a new playground just installed, a new website under construction, and plans to break ground on a new middle school building very soon.

Application Process

Our goal is to make the admissions process as simple as possible.  During COVID-19, the entire process can be completed virtually. If you have any questions, contact Juanita Wilson in Admissions.

Cognia STEM Certification

The Branch School is currently pursuing STEAM certification through Cognia, a globally-recognized nonprofit group that partners with and supports educators to create and enhance the very best STEM programs for students. 

Our integrated curriculum features:

STEMscopes curriculum, created by Rice University 

Technology classes for all ages

Engineering classes and projects for all ages

Coding (HTML, SCRATCH, JavaScript, and Python), Robotics, and Flight elective for middle school students

Advanced math curriculum

Outdoor Education

The Branch School is a leader in environmental education in Houston, and we’ve been honored to share our curriculum with many other schools. We hold reciprocal relationships with the Houston Audubon Society, Urban Harvest, and the Jane Goodall Institute and have benefited from a series of grants from foundations that recognize our unique and comprehensive approach.

Project work in our Outdoor Classroom fuses science and math exploration in concrete, hands-on ways, building observational skills, measurement and math acuity, and critical thinking expertise to foster a deeper understanding of ecosystems and the natural world. From planting bulbs to document life cycles, to counting birds and butterflies to gauge the effects of climate change on at-risk species, the Outdoor Classroom opens a world of learning to students that just can’t be found in a textbook.

Kids learn when you bring history or science or language arts to life.  That's what I'm seeing with this project-based approach.  It gets them interested and sparks that love of learning.Parent