The Branch School Community

Students playing with building blocks together: The Branch School, Private School in Houston
Building Good Relationships
Teacher working with students on laptops: The Branch School, Private School in Houston
Supportive Teachers

Our Branch School community feels that the world is in need of positive, ethical, loving leaders, and we want children to learn how to be leaders with loving kindness right here in Houston, Texas.

• Our environment is peaceful and welcoming.
• We put our students first.
• Our staff is nurturing and provides our students a safe place to learn.
• Collaborative-based learning establishes a community in which teachers and students support one another in promoting learning goals, leadership, individual character, and peace.
• Parents enhance The Branch School community through the support they provide their children at home and by volunteering on campus.
• Religiously diverse, The Branch School community includes many faiths including: Christian, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.
• Students are taught, by example, to put others first and to be alert to the needs of others.

The Branch School has a largely diverse community, and therefore, an incredibly accepting one. This tight-knit environment is reinforced by group projects, team-building activities, and focus on learning not to ignore one another’s differences but rather to appreciate them. Overall, the school has a unique sense of respect and love that can often be difficult to find in a school.
School Alum