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The Branch Way

Our Philosophy

Teaching and learning at The Branch School begins with the conviction that children learn best in a loving, supportive environment that honors their own unlimited potential.  
Our program is challenging and engaging, and our educators create an affirming, encouraging atmosphere in which children can go further and learn more than even they imagined.

A Branch education provides a strong academic foundation, instilling critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that serve our students for a lifetime. We also foster social capacities and emotional resilience while teaching peacemaking, global citizenship, and the importance of genuine, giving human connections.

Our Approach

We approach teaching and learning in The Branch Way, by offering a wide-ranging curriculum with challenging, exciting, and nurturing approaches to math, language arts, science, and social studies across all grade levels. Most importantly, we sustain an embracing, encouraging learning environment. Our students are at ease socially and emotionally, freeing them to fearlessly develop intellectually and academically.

This sense of authentic acceptance permeates the relationships at Branch, from teacher/student interactions to peer friendships. Always leading by example, our educators implement specific lessons, morning meetings, and role-playing exercises to teach peacemaking as a means of becoming a stronger learner, truer friend, and better citizen. The Branch School teaches children to accept themselves and others, communicate effectively, resolve conflicts, and respect intercultural difference.

These values thread back to our founding in 1977 in the Christian Science tradition—a faith that teaches us not to proselytize, but instead to welcome all with love and respect for their existing beliefs and traditions. Today, our educators continue to view children in The Branch Way—through a divine lens, as unlimited beings who can learn more, go farther, and become braver, more resilient, and more ethical every day.

Students working with laptops: The Branch School, Private School in Houston
Four students happily collaborating, showing a warm school community; The Branch School; Private School in Houston
Kindergartners working with geometric shapes; The Branch School; Private School in Houston

The Branch Way can be distilled into one word: kindness. 
We constantly talk about kindness and have this huge focus on conflict resolution that the school starts really early on.